About SGCC


The vision of Shekinah Glory Christian Church is to preach, teach and demonstrate the word of God so that the lives of the people both individually and corporately reflect the Glory of God in a tangible way.

Mission Statement

Loving God,
Loving others,
Leading others to
Live for God.

Worship: Shekinah Glory Christian Church must enter into praise that is Holy Spirit directed. The Matchless name of Jesus must be lifted up and the Word of God taught to the end that souls will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Lives will be delivered, minds and bodies healed and hearts changed.

Discipleship: Shekinah Glory must develop into a mature body of believers who unashamedly bear witness to the power of God in their lives through testimony, action, and attitude.

Community: Shekinah Glory must constantly seek to meet the needs of the community offering a Christian alternative with dignity and compassion to the end that it would aid in the process of the community becoming self-sufficient in every area.

Economically: Shekinah Glory is called to expose truths concerning finances in order to increase productivity, individually and corporately, leading to economic freedom and independence. The cycle of poverty can only be broken by the power of God’s truths concerning prosperity taught, believed and practiced.

Culturally: Shekinah Glory is challenged to raise the awareness of the gifts and talents that have been entrusted by God to His people and to foster a greater appreciation of our heritage – as well as those of other ethnic groups.

Educationally: Shekinah Glory must realize that a mind that has been transformed by the power of God must, therefore, be educated in a school system that upholds Christian values and standards as a base for academic excellence.

A Brief History…

Shekinah Glory Christian Church, A Cathedral Assembly, was birthed out of Zion United Church of Christ as a result of the fresh wind of apostolic and prophetic anointing that swept through this house bringing change in every area.

Shekinah is located at 17 Alexander Street, Newark, NJ in the heart of the city with a heart for the city. The building of the former Zion United Church of Christ is 119 years old.

Bishop Loretta P. Smith-Johnson has been the Senior Pastor for 33 years. Pastor Alexis Johnson, Overseer Joel Parrish, Pastor. Edward Davis, Pastor. Ron Brangman, Pastor Will Brown, Pastor Ronald Johnson, Dr. Kirk Morton and Pastor Brian Robertson are a part of the pastorate as Associate Pastors.

We are a Christ-centered, Bible believing, and spirit-filled body of believers who embrace people from all walks of life, teaching and preaching, lifting and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our various ministries are opportunities to Evangelize, Educate, Emancipate and Empower our brothers and sisters in our city, region and indeed our nation.

Core Values (Who Are We)

  1. We are Christ Centered
  2. We are Family Focused
  3. We are Learners
  4. We are leaders everywhere we find ourselves
  5. We honor one another to glorify God
  6. We are multipliers not maintainers
  7. We are contributors not consumers
  8. We are fishers of men (found people find people)